The Midnight Special, July 4, 2020


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Lead Belly: The Midnight Special

Last Sessions

Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71


Michael Smith & Anne Hills: Spoon River

Paradise Lost and Found

Redwing 5406


*Naomi Caryl Hirshhorn & Hal Lynch: Spoon River

(song) (Hirshhorn-Aidman)


*Naomi Caryl Hirshhorn: He’s Gone Away

(song) (trad)


*Charles Aidman: The Hill


Gathering Sparks: Spirits in the Graveyard


:Spirits in the Graveyard (June Lewis)


*Charles Aidman: Tom Beatty


Geoff Bartley: Play the Cards the Way They Lie

Blackbirds in the Pie

self 1004


*Charles Aidman: Benjamin Pantier


Craig Werth: Good Old Dog

The Spokes Man

self 00261-29283


*Joyce Van Patten: Mrs. Benjamin Pantier


The Once: My Husband’s Got No Courage

Row Upon Row of the People They Know

Borealis 212


*Joyce Van Patten: Margaret Fuller Slack


Working (orig.cast – David P. Kelly-Lynn Thigpen): If I Could’ve Been


(Micki Grant) Fynsworth Alley 302062114-2


Joel Mabus: Soldier’s Joy (trad)

Flatpick & Clawhammer

Fossil 793


*Charles Aidman: Knowlt Hoheimer


Bob Gibson & Bob (Hamilton) Camp: Civil War Trilogy – First Batalion

At the Gate of Horn

Collectors’ Choice 227-2


*Betty Garrett: Lydia Pucket


*Robert Elston & Charles Aidman: Harry Williams


Phil Ochs: The War Is Over

Farewells & Fantasies

Elektra-Rhino 73518


*Robert Elston: Fiddler Jones


Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott: Fiddler Jones

Memories and Moments

Full Skies 94504-79904


*Betty Garrett: Ollie McGee


*Charles Aidman: Fletcher McGee


Mort Shuman: Song for Old Lovers

My Death

Reprise 6358


*Robert Elston: Lucius Atherton


*Naomi Caryl Hirshhorn: Times Are Getting Hard

(song) (trad-Hirshhorn-Aidman)


*Charles Aidman: Eugene Carman


Leo Kottke: From the Cradle to the Grave


One Way 21-18457


*Naomi Caryl Hirshhorn & Hal Lynch: The Water Is Wide

(song) (trad)


*Robert Elston & Joyce Van Patten: William and Emily


Aoife & Bobby Clancy: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Silvery Moon

Appleseed 1065


*Naomi Caryl Hirshhorn & Hal Lynch: Paper of Pins



*Charles Aidman: Roscoe Purkapile


*Betty Garrett: Mrs. Purkapile


Connie Kaldor: Choppy Water (Rocky Marriage Breakdown)

Small Cafe

Philo 1205


Kim & Reggie Harris: Let Me Fly

Steal Away

Appleseed 1022


*Charles Aidman: Shack Dye


*Hal Lynch: Freedom



Leyla McCalla w/ Rhiannon Giddens, Allison Russell: I Knew I Could Fly

Songs of Our Native Daughters

Smithsonian Folkways 40232


*Betty Garrett: Hannah Armstrong


Phil Ochs: That Was the President

I Ain’t Marching Anymore

Hannibal 4422


*Joyce Van Patten: Faith Metheny


Iris DeMent: Let the Mystery Be

Infamous Angel

Philo 1138


John Hasbrouck: Down to the River to Pray

Some These Days

Ruthless Rabbit 1964


Tom Paxton: About the Children

The Things I Notice Now

Collectables 6972


*Joyce Van Patten: Mrs. Charles Bliss


*Betty Garrett: Pauline Barrett


Priscilla Herdman: Lies

Seasons of Change

Flying Fish 309


*Robert Elston: The Village Atheist


Kirtana: Why the Sufis Whirl

This Embrace

Wild Dove 104


*Joyce Van Patten: Mabel Osborne


The Beatles: Eleanor Rigby


Capitol 724352932528


*Charles Aidman: Franklin Jones


*Naomi Caryl Hirschhorn: In the Night



*Charles Aidman & Company: Dippold the Optician


Tom Russell w/ Iris DeMent: Box of Visions

The Long Way Around

Hightone 8081


*Charles Aidman: Alexander Throckmorton


Michael Smith: Last Days of Pompeii

Love Stories

Flying Fish 70404


*Betty Garrett: Amanda Barker


*Robert Elston: Willard Fluke


A.L. Lloyd: The Unfortunate Rake

Smithsonian Folkways 3805


*Joyce Van Patten: Lois Spears


Misty River: Life Is Good


self 005


Robert Elston: Abel Melveny


David Stoddard: Stuff

Get Off My Lawn

self no#


*Charles Aidman: Hod Put


*Robert Elston: Indignation Jones


*Joyce Van Patten: Minerva Jones


*Charles Aidman: Doctor Myers


*Betty Garrett: Mrs. Myers


*Charles Aidman: Willie Metcalf


*Naomi Caryl Hirshhorn: I Am, I Am

(song) (Hirshhorn-Aidman)


Pete Seeger: My Old Brown Earth


Seeger: My Old Brown Earth


*Charles Aidman: Barney Hainsfeather


Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, Donald Jacobs, clarinet: Undzer Toyrele (Our Beloved Torah)

Old Roots New World

Shanachie 67008


*Betty Garrett: Lucinda Matlock


Fred Holstein: Hymn Song (I Believe If I Lived My Life Again)

(Utah Phillips) Holstein 01


*Robert Elston: Petit, the Poet


Gordon Lightfoot: The Leaves of Grass

Sunday Concert

Bear Family


*Joyce Van Patten: Anne Rutledge


*Naomi Caryl Hirschhorn & Hal Lynch: Spoon River

(song) (reprise)


Iris DeMent: Our Town

Infamous Angel

Philo 1138


*Charles Aidman: Last Poem

Tomorrow Is My Birthday



Tom Paxton: The Parting Glass

Redemption Road

Pax 010


Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I’m Gone (close)

Spoken in Love

Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parentheses