Seeing Double: Cellist And ‘Twin’ Perform Duet

By Christian Thorsberg |

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Andrea Casarrubios (Photo: Pablo Pazo)

A summer without live music has been a difficult adjustment. Most concert halls remain closed throughout 2020, and the classical music world, along with everyone else, continues to wait earnestly for the development of a vaccine. But, in the meantime, cellist Andrea Casarrubios has achieved a scientific breakthrough of her own: cloning!

Posting a seamlessly edited video to her Facebook page last week, Casarrubios found a familiar accompanying pianist in ... herself! The rendition of Beethoven's Sonata for Cello and Piano in G Minor Op. 5 No. 2 is a reminder of musicians' continued ingenuity throughout the pandemic, and, of course, of Casarrubios's musical brilliance (and special effects skills!).