Mozart: Violin Concertos – Baiba Skride

September 9, 2020, 9:00 am

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Mozart composed his violin concertos in 1773 and 1775. These five works and the three single movements recorded here have been passed down complete and verified as authentic. Violinist Baiba Skride says about her new album: “I know that there are so many different and super recordings of Mozart, but I think it is important to enjoy the music you have heard a thousand times and will hear a thousand times more with new eyes and simply allow the music to play.” She is joined by the Swedish Chamber Orchestra and conductor Eivind Aadland, who says, “Baiba is such an intuitive player. She has this rare quality of discovering the music as we play, so she never plays exactly the same. There is a wonderful sense of creating, discovering, of finding new ways.”