The Midnight Special, December 19, 2020


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  1. Harry Belafonte: “Scarlet Ribbons” (Evelyn Danzig and Jack Segal); Harry Belafonte w/Millard Thomas, guitar; Greatest Hits (disc 1 of 3) | RCA 07863 67403-2
  2. Zoe Mulford: “Gonna Wear Red”; Zoe Mulford; Roadside Saints | Azalea ACCD-0604
  3. Heidi Muller & Bob Webb: “Long Winter’s Night”; Heidi Muller & Bob Webb; Light the Winter’s Dark | Cascadia CM2011
  4. David Rea: “The Gift” (Ian Tyson); David Rea; X7 | Gitsu CD0001
  5. Sylvia Fricker Tyson: “Spring of ’45”; Quartette; Work of the Heart Denon/CAN9024
  6. Eddie from Ohio: “Minnesota 1945” (Robbie Schaeffer); Eddie from Ohio, feat. Julia Murphy Wells; Three Rooms (disc 1) | Virginia VSR 008 1 of 2
  7. The Duhks: Love is the Seventh Wave; The Duhks feat. Jessee Havey; The Duhks | Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3997
  8. Red Grammer: “Strangely Wrapped Gift”; Red Grammer; Soul Man in a Techno World | Grammer 01
  9. Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum: “The Earth Moves in Mysterious Ways” (Betsy Rose); Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum; Winter’s Grace | Signature Sounds SIG 1251
  10. Geoff Bartley: “The Song of Imaginary Gifts”; Geoff Bartley; Blackbirds in the Pie | Self McR1004
  11. Tim Grimm and Jan Lucas: “Sometimes Trouble Is a Gift”; Tim Grimm and Jan Lucas; Back Fields | Wind River Records WR4035CD
  12. Garnet Rogers: “It’s A Gift”; Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers; Folkstage 2014 | WFMT
  13. Archie Fisher: “The Black Horse/All That You Ask Me” (Archie Fisher); Archie Fisher & Kieran Goss; Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into | Red House RHR CD 82
  14. Jack Van Geem & Nancy Zeltsman: “Simple Gifts”; Jack Van Geem & Nancy Zeltsman; Bridge American Gifts / Bridge 9534
  15. Angela Lansbury & Company: “We Need A Little Christmas” (Jerry Herman); Angela Lansbury & Company; Original Broadway Cast: Auntie Mame | Columbia SK 60959
  16. Lee Murdock: “The Christmas Ship”; Lee Murdock; Fertile Ground | Depot DEP009CD
  17. Kiltartan Road: “Deck the Halls/Carol of the Field Mice” (Traditional); Kirlartan Road; Kiltartan Road Christmas – Joy In the Morning | Classic Digital #1006
  18. Christine Lavin & The Mistletones: “The Christmas/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Chanukah/Ramadan/Boxing Day Song”; Christine Lavin, Gregory Clark, Julie Gold, Ervin Drake, Emily Bindiger, David Lutken; Runaway Christmas Tree Appleseed Recordings APRCD 1075
  19. Connie Kaldor: “We’re Gonna Sing”; Connie Kaldor; Prairie Christmas | bandcamp
  20. Odetta: “Rise Up Shepherd & Follow”; Odetta; Christmas Spirituals | Vanguard 79079-2
  21. Joemy Wilson: “Silent Night” (instrumental); Joemy Wilson; Gifts | Dargason Music DMCD-103
  22. Sonny Ochs: Think of First; Sonny Ochs; Phil Ochs 80th Tribute | WFMT 12.19.20 – 1
  23. Phil Ochs: “I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore”; Phil Ochs; I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore | Hannibal HNCD-4422
  24. Sonny Ochs: Growing Up; Sonny Ochs; Phil Ochs 80th Tribute | WFMT 12.19.20 – 2
  25. Antonio Vivaldi: EXCERPT: Clarinet Concerto No. 3 in F major, “Il Mezzetino”; Martin Fröst, cl; Concerto Cologne; Sony
  26. Sonny Ochs: Ferlin Husky; Sonny Ochs; Phil Ochs 80th Tribute | WFMT 12.19.20 – 3
  27. Ferlin Husky: “Gone” (Eugene “Smokey” Rogers); Ferlin Husky; Ferlin Husky: Greatest Hits | Gusto SD 3018
  28. Sonny Ochs: Elvis; Sonny Ochs; Phil Ochs 80th Tribute | WFMT 12.19.20 – 4
  29. Elvis Presley: “Heartbreak Hotel” (Tommy Durden/Mae Boren Axton); Elvis Presley; Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits | RCA US 07863 68079-2
  30. Sonny Ochs: Lou Marsh story; Sonny Ochs; Phil Ochs 80th Tribute | WFMT 12.19.20 – 5
  31. Martyn Joseph: “Lou Marsh”; Martyn Joseph; Pipe Records PRC DO29
  32. Sonny Ochs: William Worthy story; Sonny Ochs; Phil Ochs 80th Tribute | WFMT 12.19.20 – 6
  33. Phil Ochs: “William Worthy”; Phil Ochs; All the News That’s Fit to Sing | Hannibal HNCD 4427
  34. Sonny Ochs: Criticism; Sonny Ochs; Phil Ochs 80th Tribute | WFMT 12.19.20 – 6
  35. Phil Ochs: “Outside a Small Circle of Friends”; Phil Ochs; Farewells & Fantasies | Elektra Traditions Rhino R2 73518
  36. Sonny Ochs: Remembering; Sonny Ochs; Phil Ochs 80th Tribute | WFMT 12.19.20 – 6
  37. Phil Ochs: “I’m Going to Say It Now”; Phil Ochs; There But For Fortune | Elektra 9 60832-2
  38. Pietro Yon: “Gesu Bambino”; Joel Mabus, g; Fossil 2212
  39. Eric Bibb: “Light Was Worth the Candle”; Eric Bibb; Painting Signs | Earthbeat R2 74382
  40. Carly Simon: “I Gave My Love a Cherry (Riddle Song)”; Carly Simon; Into White | Columbia Records 82876 86138 2
  41. Martha Scanlan: “Taken or Given” (Martha Scanlan, Jon Neufeld, Patricia Barry); Martha Scanlan; The Shape of Things Gone Missing, The Shape of Things to Come | 141180 01029
  42. Dar Williams: “The Babysitter’s Here”; Dar Williams; The Honesty Room | Razor & Tie RT 2816
  43. Cliff Eberhardt: “My Father’s Shoes”; Cliff Eberhardt; The Long Road | Windham Hill WD-1092 CD
  44. Richie Havens: “Handouts in the Rain”; Richie Havens w/Chris Cunningham (guitar); Wishing Well | Stormy Forest SF 2021
  45. Joni Mitchell: “For Free”; Joni Mitchell; Ladies of the Canyon | Reprise 8122797178-3
  46. Tony Trischka w/Loudon Wainwright: “Hand Me My Banjo Down”; Tony Trischka w/Loudon Wainwright; New Deal | Rounder 82161 0493-2
  47. Second Opinion: “Put Another Log on the Fire” (Tom Paul); Second Opinion; Second Opinion | SecOp SecOp 001
  48. Jane Fallon: “He Deserves the Hat”; Jane Fallon; City Girl | Jane Fallon Music R-1306
  49. Clive Gregson: “I Get What I Deserve”; Clive Gregson; Happy Hour | Compass CD 7 4266 2
  50. Susan Piper: “Aunt Miriam’s Suitcases”; Susan Piper; New On the Planet | Sliced Bread CD SB71150
  51. Andrew Kerr: “Silver Suitcases”; Andrew Kerr; Silver Suitcases | Andrew Kerr 001
  52. (Laura Love): “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; She Loved Red/Laura Love 88295 68276
  53. Merle Travis: “Midnight Special”; Merle Travis; Travis Pickin’ CMH/6255