Imani Winds: Bruits

February 26, 2021, 9:00 am

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Bright Shiny Things Records presents Bruits by the acclaimed Imani Winds. The album’s title is a medical term for a vascular murmur, an abnormal sound that is generated by the turbulent flow of blood in an artery that has been obstructed. Imani Winds write: “We are bruited. Our passages are raw, blocked. And we cannot continue this way.” The album features three world-premiere recordings: Vijay Iyer’s Bruits; Reena Esmail’s The Light is the Same; and Frederic Rzewski’s Sometimes—all of which speak directly to current social and political issues, and tell stories about people whose lives have made a difference in our world. Additional featured performers include pianist Cory Smythe, soprano Janai Brugger, and scholar and narrator John Whittington Franklin.