Lise de la Salle: When Do We Dance?

June 4, 2021, 9:00 am

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Pianist Lise de la Salle presents When Do We Dance?, a deeply personal program inspired by a lifelong love of dance. “I’ve been surrounded by dance since childhood, and I adore it,” says De la Salle. “But with so many dances and so much music to play, I could take ten albums to tell this whole story. So, I decided to focus on one century but travel the world.” De la Salle specifically focused on the 100-year period between 1850-1950. “For me it is the most fascinating period in the history of all the arts,” she says. “It was a time of great freedom, not just in music, but in dance, painting, and theater. There were new rules and new techniques, and the creators were starting to feel that they could express themselves in a different way. There was this great explosion of potential.”