Delphine Constantin-Reznik: Music of Anton Edvard Pratté

October 15, 2021, 9:00 am

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When Delphine Constantin-Reznik took up the post as harpist in Sweden’s Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, she came across the name Anton Pratté, well-known in his lifetime as a harpist and composer. Her research into this forgotten master has now resulted in the very first recording of any of his numerous compositions for the harp. Anton Edvard Pratté was born in Bohemia. He went to Sweden as an adolescent and soon made a name for himself, performing music of his own as well as by others. Pratté spent much of his life around Norrköping, where he conducted the local orchestra society – the forerunner of the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra – heard in the Grand Concert which opens the album. This is followed by two works for solo harp, both making use of traditional tunes from Sweden and Norway.