Leclair: Violin Concertos – Leila Schayegh, La Cetra Baroque Orchestra

January 26, 2022, 9:00 am

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Leila Schayegh completes her series of recordings of all the violin concertos by Jean-Marie Leclair with this third release. Leclair grew up in Lyon and was trained as a dancer and violinist, later concentrating entirely on playing the violin. In Italy, he had lessons with the distinguished teacher Giovanni Battista Somis and then went to Paris, where he briefly held a position at the court of Louis XV in the 1730s. Leclair must have been fascinated by Italian culture and playing: the tempo freedoms in playing, the virtuoso aspects of violin technique, the expression that is strongly prominent in Italian music – all of this is evident in Leclair’s celebrated twelve concertos from opp. 7 and 10. Schayegh plays a violin by Andrea Guarneri from the late 17th century as she directs La Cetra Baroque Orchestra.