Joachim Raff: Complete Works for Cello and Piano – Christoph Croisé, Oxana Shevchenko

February 24, 2022, 9:00 am

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The beautiful, lyrical music of prolific 19th-century Swiss composer Joachim Raff was widely performed during his lifetime but is relatively under-represented today. Who better than Christoph Croisé, Raff’s modern day compatriot, to breathe new life into the composer’s complete works for cello and piano. Raff’s chamber music, and especially his works for cello, were among his most notable achievements. Having established a career in Germany in the mid-1850’s, Raff encountered the eminent cellist Bernhard Cossman, whose mastery of the instrument inspired the composer. Croisé, joined by pianist Oxana Shevchenko, puts a fresh, 21st-century spin on Raff’s memorable music resulting in this benchmark recording.