Haydn: Symphonies, Volume 26 – Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra, Johannes Klumpp

May 20, 2022, 9:00 am

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Conductor Johannes Klumpp writes: “The chronological journey through Joseph Haydn’s surviving symphonies that we began in Volume 25 now continues with his Symphony No. 107. Do not be misled by the high number! Composed about 1760/61, this is a work from Haydn’s early days, before his time at Schloss Esterházy. It was undoubtedly commissioned by Graf Morzin, who was Haydn’s employer at the time. All the symphonies on this album (Nos. 11, 15, 32, and 107) are practically never played. Our desire, then, is to introduce them to a modern audience through our recordings. Our aim is to make Haydn audible – in all his vividness, liveliness, musicality, and joie de vivre.”