The Midnight Special, May 28, 2022

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  1. Traditional: “Midnight Special”; Leadbelly; RCA Victor LPV-505
  2. Artie Traum: Memorial Day 1959; Artie Traum; Roaring Stream RS202
  3. Joni Mitchell: The Hissing of Summer Lawns; Joni Mitchell; Warner/Reprise/Asylum 8122797178
  4. Dinty Child: “Down To You” (Child/Cousins); Dinty Child w/Rose Cousins; Lucky Ones | Nine Athens 1-94171-09373-9
  5. Steve Perron: Just the Gun; Steve Perron; user-12407940
  6. Cheryl Wheeler: If It Were Up to Me (I’d Take Away the Guns); Cheryl Wheeler; Philo 11671-1212-2
  7. Kenny White w/Ada Dyer: Charleston; Kenny White w/Ada Dyer; MVP MVP 2385
  8. David Roth: Change the Laws; David Roth; David Roth Music 8 45121 02649 8
  9. The Reeltime Travelers: Like a Songbird That Has Fallen; The Reeltime Travelers; DMZ/Columbia/Sony CK86843
  10. Patty Smith & Bob Neuwirth: Just Like You; Patty Smith & Bob Neuwirth; Watermelon WMCD 1050
  11. Bob Neuwirth: Beautiful Day; Bob Neuwirth; Watermelon WMCD 1050
  12. Original Broadway Cast: “Momma Look Sharp” (Sherman Edwards); Original Broadway Cast; Sony Classical SK 48215
  13. Cosy Sheridan: The Land of Ten Thousand Mothers; Cosy Sheridan; single
  14. Washington Revels: “Tenting on the Old Camp Ground” (Walter Kittredge); Washington Revels feat. Douglas Jimerson, Jacqueline Schwab, Gallery Voices; Washington Revels WRCD2011
  15. Bruce Caton: “On the Eve of Antietam – Mr. Lincoln’s Army”; Marilyn Rea Beyer/Joel Mabus “Shenandoah”; Doubleday ISBN 038541689X
  16. Michael Troy: “Last Day in May”; Michael Troy; Michael Troy CD 001
  17. (Jay Ungar, arr. Buddy Greene): “Ashokan Farewell”; Buddy Greene w/Stuart Duncan on fiddle; Rufus RMCD 195317
  18. Peter, Paul & Mary: “No Man’s Land” (Eric Bogle); Peter, Paul & Mary; Gold Castle D2-71339
  19. Open House (Kevin Burke, et al.): Flowers of the Forest; Open House (Kevin Burke, et al.); Green Linnet GLCD 1144
  20. Louise Mosrie: Last Train (Lorelei); Louise Mosrie; WFMT’s Folkstage 5.14.22
  21. Harvey Andrews: Hello Hans; Harvey Andrews; Aris/Hypertension Music 883 249/HYCD 200 105
  22. Joe Crookston: Abel, Baker, Charlie & Dog; Joe Crookston; Milagrito jbjo78
  23. The Kennedys: “Pearl’s Eye View”; The Kennedys; JIFFYJAM 2002
  24. Fred Eaglesmith and the Flathead Noodlers: “The Rocket”; Fred Eaglesmith and the Flathead Noodlers; AML Records FSE009
  25. Joel Mabus: Touch a Name on the Wall; Joel Mabus; Fossil Fossil288CD
  26. Roger Cline: Stories of Valor; Roger Cline; single
  27. Christine Rea Briskin: Ouija Board; Christine Rea Briskin; 93020
  28. Rick Briskin: Someday; Rick Briskin; 93020
  29. Toby Marlow, Lucy Moss: SIX; SIX: Samantha Pauly, Andrea Macasaet, *Brittney Mack, Anna Uzele, Adrianna Hicks and *Abby Mueller; Loudmouth/Ex-Wives Ltd. 5.6.22
  30. Toby Marlow, Lucy Moss: The One You’ve Been Waiting For; SIX: Samantha Pauly, Andrea Macasaet, *Brittney Mack, Anna Uzele [oo-ZELL-eh], Adrianna Hicks and *Abby Mueller [mYOO-lur]; Loudmouth/Ex-Wives Ltd. 5.6.22
  31. Orig. Broadway Cast: You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere; Caitlin Houlahan, Kimber Elayne Sprawl, Jeannette Bayardelle, Matthew Frederick Harris, John Schiappa, Luba Mason, Ensemble, Mare Winningham, Rachel Stern & Chelsea Lee Williams; Legacy/Runaway Entertainment 19439743222
  32. Mare Winningham & Ensemble: Forever Young; Mare Winningham & Ensemble; Legacy/Runaway Entertainment 19439743222
  33. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special Solo (Long): Instrumental; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 007
  34. Ryan Hamilton: Hot Air Balloon; Ryan Hamilton; Just for Laughs Jfl2012
  35. The 5th Dimension: Up, Up And Away (Webb); The 5th Dimension; Soul City SCS 92000
  36. Mouths of Babes: Red Balloon; Mouths of Babes; Wide Awake WAM0003
  37. Kate Power & Steve Einhorn: “Travis John”; Kate Power & Steve Einhorn; Artichoke Music SK SK006
  38. John Gorka: Let Them In; John Gorka; Red House RHR CD 151
  39. John McCutcheon: Ukrainian Now (McCutcheon/Paxton); John McCutcheon; Appalseed 3-29-22
  40. (Pete Seeger): “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”; Pete Seeger; Columbia Legacy 88697877462
  41. Jonell Mosser: Peace Stories; Jonell Mosser; Siren Songs 1205
  42. Tom Prasada-Rao: “$20 Bill”; Tom Prasada-Rao; Label [2021]
  43. Phil Ochs: “In The Heat of the Summer”; Phil Ochs; Hannibal HNCD-4422
  44. Ernest Troost: All The World Before Us; Ernest Troost; Travelin’ Shoes Records TSR1005
  45. Walter Parks & the Unlawful Assembly feat. Ada Dyer: “Amazing Grace” (trad./Newton); Walter Parks & the Unlawful Assembly feat. Ada Dyer; Atomic Sound 91021
  46. Mandy Patinkin: “I’ll Be Seeing You”; Mandy Patinkin; CBS Mandy Patinkin / MK 44943
  47. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; Laura Love 88295 68276
  48. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004