The Midnight Special, July 9, 2022

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  1. Traditional: “Midnight Special”; Leadbelly; RCA Victor LPV-505
  2. Mad Pudding: Vagabond; Mad Pudding; Iona CD055
  3. Robert Frost: “The Road Not Taken”; Robert Frost; Shout Factory D4K10029 Disk 1 of 4
  4. Jack Williams: Miles to Go; Jack Williams; Wind River 195269 1673 9
  5. Richard Shindell: “Mercy Street”; Richard Shindell; South of Delia | self released RS 1809
  6. Oysterband: “Street of Dreams”; Oysterband; here i stand Omnium/OMM2033CD
  7. Al Day: “Down on the Boulevard”; Al Day; Al Day 1
  8. Ben Winship & David Thompson: “Church of the Wandering Stream”; Mollie O’Brien w/Ben Winship & David Thompson; Fishing Music II | Snake River Records SRR-123
  9. John Prine: Lake Marie; John Prine; Oh Boy! OBR 013CD
  10. Pharis & Jason Romero: Been All Around The World; Pharis & Jason Romero; Smithsonian Folkways SFW40246
  11. Pam Gadd: Bluegrass Survival; Pam Gadd w/Sam Bush+Kenny Smith; Home Sweet Highway Music 7-5-22
  12. Braden Gates: “New in Town”; Braden Gates; Kitchen Days | Borealis Records BCD 267
  13. Connie Kaldor: Sleepy Little Town; Connie Kaldor; Coyote Entertainment Group CEGCD 1010
  14. Patty Griffin: Little Yellow House; Patty Griffin; Thirty Tigers PGM003
  15. Jonas Friddle: “The Midnight Special – fretless banjo”; Jonas Friddle; Midnight Special Collection JFriddle | MS008
  16. Woody Guthrie: “Hard Travelin’”; Woody Guthrie; Smithsonian Folkways SF CD 40102
  17. Woody Guthrie: Baltimore to Washington; Woody Guthrie; Smithsonian SF CD40101
  18. Woody Guthrie: Riding in My Car; Woody Guthrie; Warner Bros. CD 9 45020-2
  19. Pete Seeger: So Long, Its Been Good To Know Yuh; Pete Seeger; Vanguard VCD 97/98
  20. Katie Oates: By the Side of the Road (Si Kahn); Katie Oates; Hollow Reed Arts 1 95269 05465 6
  21. Tia McGraff: Movin’ the Smoke Away; Tia McGraff; Bandana Records 00261 42154
  22. Tricia Alexander: I Will Walk (Chinese Proverb); Tricia Alexander w/Diana Laffey, Alpha Stewart, Jr., George and Lori Gray Muligano; Rampur Music Tricia Alexander 2014
  23. Rod Abernethy: Just Around the Corner; Rod Abernethy; 85218 00669
  24. South For Winter: Always You; South For Winter; 659696527614
  25. Megon McDonough: Walkin’ After Midnight (Hecht/Block); Megon McDonough; Megon McDonough ASIN: B000VDDI6O
  26. Megon McDonough: Butter; Megon McDonough; Megon McDonough McDonough 001
  27. Small Potatoes: Avocado; Small Potatoes; Folk Era FE1427CD
  28. Small Potatoes: Till The Cows Come Home; Small Potatoes; Wind River WR4010 CD
  29. Bill Staines: “Down the Road”; Bill Staines; Rounder CD-11560
  30. Terry Callier: 900 Miles; Terry Callier; Prestige PRCD-11026-2
  31. Colby Maddox: “The Midnight Special – fiddle”; Colby Maddox; Midnight Special Collection CMaddox/MS 009
  32. Connor Garvey: Will of the Trail; Connor Garvey; Nine Athens [2022]
  33. Joyce Andersen w/Harvey Reid: Show Me the Road; Joyce Andersen w/Harvey Reid; JoyScream JM 90502
  34. Brooks Williams & Aaron Catlow: Church Street Blues; Brooks Williams & Aaron Catlow; Red Guitar, Blue Music RGBM2201C
  35. Bruce Piephoff: Greased Lightning from Level Cross; Bruce Piephoff; Flyin’ Cloud FC-040
  36. Keith Rea: Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy); Keith Rea; KA Records 7 00261 44252 5
  37. David Wilcox: Rusty Old American Dream; David Wilcox; WFMT 03-17-12 2 of 2
  38. Lucy Kaplansky: Ford Econoline (Griffith); Lucy Kaplansky; LucyRicky [Last Days of Summer]
  39. Liz Simmons: “Night in the City” (Joni Mitchell); Liz Simmons, Hanna Sanders, Natalie Haas (cello); Poets | 95999 13529
  40. Artie Traum: In Paris; Artie Traum; Roaring Stream RS202
  41. Harmonious Wail: Home at Last (Steely Dan); Harmonious Wail; Range Records RGR00009-2
  42. Karyn Oliver: I Was A Town; Karyn Oliver; self 88295 81959
  43. Smithfield Fair: Flowers in Her Hair; Smithfield Fair; Stevenson Productions SP901929
  44. Cliff Eberhardt: The Things I Left Behind; Cliff Eberhardt; Knew Things | Self 1-95269-08022-8
  45. Yosh & Yimmy: Without a Barrier; Yosh & Yimmy; 7 55491 23683 3
  46. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; Laura Love 88295 68276
  47. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004