Chanticleer: Labyrinths

August 1, 2022, 8:00 pm

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As likely to be harmonizing on a blues progression as a Renaissance madrigal, Chanticleer is back with a brand-new tour of songs “as fresh as a blade of grass, tightly focused and keenly expressive” (New York Times).

Description via Ravinia Festival


Josquin des Prez: In exitu Israel

Johannes Tinctoris: Virgo dei throno digna

Trevor Weston: Oh Daedalus, fly away home

Traditional (arr. Jonathan Woody): “God’s gonna trouble”

Steven Sametz: ¡O llama de amor viva!

Zhou Tian: “Strange how we can walk (in L.A.)” from Trade Winds

George Walker: Blow, blow thou winter wind

Tania León: “Bambula” from De Orishas

Caroline Shaw: “Her beacon hand beckons” from To the Hands

Doyle Lawson, Charles Waller & Robert Yates (arr. Joseph Jennings): “Calling My Children Home”

Franz Biebl: Ave Maria