The Midnight Special, August 28, 2022

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  1. Traditional: “Midnight Special”; Leadbelly; RCA Victor LPV-505
  2. Lucy Kaplansky: Last Days of Summer; Lucy Kaplansky; Lucyricky Records
  3. Juggernaut Jug Band: Barbecue on Broadway; Juggernaut Jug Band; Juggernaut Jug Band Juggernaut Jug Band 001
  4. Joel Mabus: Bubba’s 3 B’s (Barbecue, Banjo and Beer); Joel Mabus; Fossil 1097 CD
  5. Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: Barbecue Any Old Time; Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee; JSP Records JSP7721 C
  6. Susan Werner: “Wine Bottles”; Susan Werner; 1 95269 03327 9
  7. Lazy Harry: Aussie Bar-B-Q (Bogle); Lazy Harry; New Market Music New 1008.2
  8. Bruce Piephoff: Carolina Barbecue; Bruce Piephoff; Flyin’ Cloud Records FC-042
  9. Etta Baker: “Carolina Breakdown” (instr.); Etta Baker; Rounder CD 2112
  10. Etta Baker: Poem; Etta Baker; Music Maker Relief Foundation MMCD 50
  11. Willie Nelson: Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (Russell/Ellington); Willie Nelson; Columbia 35305
  12. Dovetail: Struttin’ with Some Barbecue, instr. (Hardin Armstrong); Dovetail (Andrea Hoag, ,Phil Wiggins, Owen Morrison, Jodi Beder, Daron Douglas, Nic Gareiss, David Greely, LeighPilzer,Carson Reiners);
  13. Lena Horne & Eddie Anderson: Tete a Tete at Tea Time/Solid Potato Salad; Lena Horne & Eddie Anderson; Rhino Movie Music R272246
  14. Carolina Chocolate Drops: Cornbread and Butter Beans; Carolina Chocolate Drops; Sing Out! Recordings SO 533
  15. The Grimms w/Katie Burk: Sweet Corn Swing; The Grimms w/Katie Burk; Vault O12
  16. Christine Collister, et al.: The Lake of Innisfree; Christine Collister, et al.; Merrow Records MR-003
  17. Al Rose: Any Fool Will Tell You; Al Rose; Monkey Holding Peach MHP1053
  18. Loudon Wainwright III: Fam Vac; Loudon Wainwright III; StorySound Records [radio edit]
  19. Steve “Q” Quinn: “The Midnight Special – Harmonica Gritty” (Traditional); Steve “Q” Quinn; Midnight Special Collection | Midnight Special Collection SQuinn/MS012
  20. Bryan Bowers: Friend for Life; Bryan Bowers; Flying Fish 18964-0675-2
  21. Jack Williams: “Coyote”; Jack Williams; Across The Winterline Wind River/WR14004 D
  22. Tim Grimm: Whippoorwill; Tim Grimm; Vault Records Vault001
  23. Gina Forsyth: Sparrows; Gina Forsyth; Folkstage 9-3-2016
  24. Lee Murdock: The Great Lakes Song; Lee Murdock; Depot Records DEP-022 CD
  25. Art Thieme: Keweenaw Light; Art Thieme; Folk Legacy CD-90
  26. John Roberts & Tony Barrand: Three Ha’pence a Foot (M. Edgar); John Roberts & Tony Barrand; Golden Hind GMH-203
  27. Rev. Robert B. Jones: The Question; Rev. Robert B. Jones; RoJo Records 8 84501 76300 4
  28. Sparky and Rhonda Rucker: Ezekiel Saw the Wheel; Sparky and Rhonda Rucker; Tremont Productions Tremont-001
  29. John Gorka: More Than One; John Gorka; Red House RHR CD 271
  30. Bryan Bowers: When I Go (Carter); Bryan Bowers; Seattle Sounds CR040-2
  31. Rev. Robert B. Jones: What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?; Rev. Robert B. Jones; RoJo Records 88295 31706
  32. Lee Murdock: The Road We Build; Lee Murdock; Depot Records DEP036
  33. Trillium: I’ll Fly Away (Brumley); Trillium; Little Miracles Prod’ns LMP0001
  34. Trillium: Over the Waterfall/Blackberry Blossom (trad.); Trillium; Trillium Trillium001
  35. Richard Shindell: “Summer Wind, Cotton Dress”; Richard Shindell; Blue Divide Shanachie/8014
  36. Jim Gary: Rhonda Vu; Jim Gary; 00261 47835
  37. Marilyn Rea Beyer: “Dandelion Wine” [Excerpt] (Ray Bradbury); Marilyn Rea Beyer; Midnight Special 91821
  38. Jez Lowe: Dandelion Clocks; Jez Lowe; Firebird FAM-15004-2-CD
  39. Dinty Child: “The Fall of the Summer of Love” (Erelli, Mark; Child, Dinty); Dinty Child w/Isa Burke, Rose Cousins, Deni Hlavinka; Nine Athens 1-94171-09373-9
  40. Adler & Hearne: Summer of Love; Adler & Hearne; Spring Hollow Records 45121 09922
  41. Denice Franke: “Dance to the Moon”; duet: Denice Franke & Eric Taylor; Comfort | Certain Records DF003
  42. Garnet Rogers: Under the Summer Moonlight; Garnet Rogers; Red House Records RHR CD 160
  43. Sam Bush with John Cowan: “Crossing the Transippi”; Sam Bush with John Cowan; Sugar Hill
  44. Lou & Peter Berryman: Weyauwega Moon; Lou & Peter Berryman; Cornbelt Records CR 13
  45. Shawn Colvin: The Starlighter (Guiterman); Shawn Colvin; Recordings SLC001
  46. Cindy Kallet w/Gordon Bok: Them Stars (MacArthur); Cindy Kallet w/Gordon Bok; Stone’s Throw Music STM012
  47. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; Laura Love 88295 68276
  48. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004