Echos of Eastern Europe

May 30, 2023, 10:00 pm

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A multitude of people on pedestrian bridge over water in Prague with the skyline and a cathedral in the background
The Charles Bridge in Prague, Italy

Works from Czechia (Dvořák) and Romania (Enescu).


Dvořák: Selections from Ohlas písní (Echo of Songs) for String Quartet (arr. From Cypresses, B. 11), B. 152
Daniel Hope, Erin Keef, violin; Paul Neubauer, viola; David Finckel, cello

Enescu: Octet in C major for Strings, Op. 7
Bella Hristova, Susie Park, Jessica Lee, Kristin Lee, violin; Mark Holloway, Yura Lee, viola; Nicholas Canellakis, Timothy Eddy, cello