Camille Thomas: The Chopin Project

June 22, 2023, 9:00 am

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“The Chopin Project” is French-Belgian cellist Camille Thomas’s most ambitious project to date, comprising a trio of albums that pay tribute to Chopin’s connection to the cello. In “The Franchomme Legacy,” the first chapter of the trilogy, Thomas explores the relationship between Chopin and his close friend and cellist Auguste Franchomme. She reveals the influence Franchomme had on Chopin’s music and the deep connection between these two great musicians. The second chapter offers Chopin’s complete works for chamber ensemble, featuring Thomas and a group of world-class musicians. Finally, the third chapter presents an enchanting collection of Chopin’s most famous works arranged for cello. Thanks to the Nippon Music Foundation, Thomas performs on the magnificent Stradivarius cello that was once played by Franchomme himself.