Holst’s The Planets

September 26, 2023, 8:00 pm

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Jaime Martín holds his conductor's baton in front of a blue background
Jaime Martín (Photo: Paul-Marc Mitchell)

The Planets: Holst’s colourful character portraits of our Solar System’s seven planets (excluding Earth) is by turns powerfully visceral and captivatingly luminous, opening with the war-like ‘Mars’ and concluding with ‘Neptune’, whose alluring sounds float off into the ether. The BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Jaime Martín present the suite alongside Welsh composer Grace Williams’s Violin Concerto. Suppressed by Williams for many years, it is an intensely lyrical work whose bittersweet opening gives way to an ecstatic slow movement – based on a Welsh hymn tune – and a joyful finale. The concert opens with Dora Pejačević’s surging single gesture of an Overture, sumptuous textures married to bold, thrusting energy.

Description via BBC


Dora Pejačević: Overture

Grace Williams: Violin Concerto
Geneva Lewis, violin

Gustav Holst: The Planets