The Midnight Special, May 18, 2024

By Marilyn Rea Beyer |

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  1. Traditional: “Midnight Special THEME”; Leadbelly; Midnight Special; RCA Victor LPV-505
  2. Bob Franke: Slow Down; Bob Franke; Long Roads, Short Visits; Daring Records CD 3031
  3. Alisa Amador: “Slow Down”; Alisa Amador; Narratives; Alisa Amador [2021]
  4. The Nields: You Don’t Have That Kind of Time; The Nields; XVII; Mercy House 7 0026141870 4
  5. Don White: Junior High School (spoken word); Don White; More Alive; Lumper Boy 8 14118 01031 4
  6. Brad Yoder: School Together; Brad Yoder; Folk Alliance Compilation XII (various artists); Folk Alliance FA012
  7. David Singley: Change Gonna Come; David Singley; Fools & Mystics; 7 98576 30019 7
  8. Paul Simon: “Kodachrome”; Paul Simon; There Goes Rhymin’ Simon (Paul Simon: The Studio Recordings #2); There Goes Rhymin’ Simon Warner/R2 78900
  9. Loudon Wainwright III: School Days; Loudon Wainwright III; Loudon Wainwright III / The Atlantic Sessions; Atlantic SD 8260
  10. Janis Ian: “At Seventeen”; Janis Ian; The Essential Janis Ian – disc 1; Rude Girl-Columbia/Legacy 88697 561962
  11. Stella Prince: Dear Future Me; Stella Prince; Dear Future Me; Stella Prince Music 7 32068 32468 1
  12. Stephanie Sammons: Innocence Lost; Stephanie Sammons; Time and Evolution; 5.21.2024
  13. Pierce Pettis: “Little River Canyon”; Pierce Pettis; State of Grace; Compass State of Grace / 7 4315 2
  14. Dan Hart: Spy at my School; Dan Hart; Apocalypse Now and Then; Apocalypse Now and Then Stone Boat Music/004
  15. Kenny Solms & Gail Parent: Guidance Counselor; Kenny Solms & Gail Parent; If I Were a High School Graduate; Epic FLM 13112
  16. Travis, Merle: “Midnight Special” Travis picked guitar; Merle Travis; In Boston 1959; Travis Pickin’ | CMH 6255
  17. David Roth: Thank You, Mr. Ryan; David Roth; Digging Through My Closet; Folk Era FE1414 CD
  18. Michael Smith: “Sister Clarissa”; Michael Smith; Love Stories; Flying Fish FFCD 70404
  19. Susan Werner: “May I Suggest?”; Susan Werner; New Non-Fiction; New Non-Fiction | Susan Werner S. W. 6566134372
  20. John Prine: “All the Best”; John Prine; The Missing Years; Oh Boy Records OBR-009 CD
  21. RubyJoyful: Take What You Will; RubyJoyful; The Pie Chart of Love; 1 95261 29451 9
  22. Ernie Hendrickson: My Friend, Roll On; Ernie Hendrickson; Roll On; Lo-Hi Records 8 77319 00811 5
  23. Terry Klein: Sky Blue LeBaron; Terry Klein; Leave the Light On; 11102023
  24. James Curley: Tir Na Nog; James Curley; single; single 4.2.2024
  25. Giulia Millanta: Lila (Spread Your Arms); Giulia Millanta; Conversation With a Ghost; Ugly Cat Music UCM05
  26. Jillian Matundan: Worth; Jillian Matundan; Singing to the Moon; Keezamonkee JMR222
  27. South For Winter: The Mountains You Move; South For Winter; Of Sea and Sky; 05162024
  28. Luka Bloom: Rainbow Warrior; Luka Bloom; Salty Heaven; Shanachie 5739 CD
  29. Taj Mahal & the Hula Blues Band, ft. Carlos Andrade: No Na Mamo (Andrade); Taj Mahal & the Hula Blues Band, ft. Carlos Andrade; Sacred Island; Private Music 01005 821652
  30. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special Solo (Short)” Instrumental; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 006
  31. Andy Beyer: That Coming Day; Andy Beyer; singles; Coming Day Records 81301
  32. Lilli Lewis: Possible; Lilli Lewis; All Is Forgiven; Righteous Babe RBR115-D
  33. William Prince: Young; William Prince; Stand in the Joy; Six Shooter 8 36766 00682 2
  34. Kim Richey: Moment in the Sun; Kim Richey; Every New Beginning; Yep Roc rel 5.24.2024
  35. Andy Breckman: Here Comes My Career; Andy Breckman; Don’t Get Killed; Gadfly 121089
  36. Bob Dylan: Rainy Day Women #12 and #35; Bob Dylan; Blonde on Blonde; Columbia C2S841
  37. Aireene Espiritu: Wide Open; Aireene Espiritu, ft. Tom Corbett (mando, guitar); Put Back Charlie; & Whispers 00786 (Germany)
  38. Tracy Chapman: Crossroads; Tracy Chapman; Crossroads; Elektra 9 60888-2
  39. Elena Moon Park: “Unhurried Journey”; Elena Moon Park with Elizabeth Mitchell, vocals; Unhurried Journey; Unhurried Journey | moonpark music 001
  40. Fox Run Five: How We Say Goodbye; Fox Run Five; How We Say Goodbye; YouTube
  41. Trad./Pops Staples: This May Be the Last Time; Orig. Blind Boys of Alabama; Jesus Rocked the Juke Box; Craft Records CR00003 Disc 1
  42. Phil Ochs: “Changes”; Phil Ochs; There But for Fortune; There But for Fortune | Elektra 9 60832-2
  43. Jon Shain, feat. FJ Ventre: The Next Wave (Ventre/Shain); Jon Shain, feat. FJ Ventre; Restless Soul Syndrome; Flyin’ Records FR-15
  44. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; She Loved Red; Laura Love 88295 68276
  45. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004