All the Stops

Fridays at 9:00 pm
Arias and Songs

Pipe organs have been seen as old relics or museum pieces; but every pipe organ has a story, and they are a reflection of their time, place, and function.

In All the Stops, internationally renowned concert organist and educator Nathan Laube shares his passion for these living and breathing instruments. Join Nathan as he takes you around the world and performs the organ’s finest repertoire on magnificent instruments throughout Germany; France; Slovenia and Croatia; and the United States. In four, two-hour programs, discover the pipe organ’s fascinating history and stunning music on All the Stops.

Germany — Retracing Bach’s Footsteps

April 5, 2019

Nathan explores the pipe organ in Germany, the homeland of the composer most often associated with the instrument: Johann Sebastian Bach. The program frames Bach’s music and life around pipe organs that he would have known...

France — Discovering the Hidden Organ Lofts of Paris and Toulouse

April 12, 2019

Nathan takes you into the hidden organ lofts of Paris and Toulouse to discover the sound of the 19th and 20th century symphonic pipe organs in France...

Slovenia and Croatia — Exploring One of Europe’s Great Cultural Crossroads

April 19, 2019

At one of the great cultural crossroads of Europe, Nathan explores pipe organs in Slovenia and Croatia. From the bustling cities of Ljubljana and Zagreb, to the pastoral villages of Adergas and Olimje, and the coastal towns of Izola and Piran, Nathan shares the rich organ art of these cities, as well as discovering some family history along the way.

United States — Celebrating Organ Culture in the “Great Melting Pot”

April 26, 2019

The final edition of All the Stops explores pipe organs in the “Great Melting Pot”—the United States. The influence of many cultures and traditions impacted pipe organs in America, particularly during the Industrial Revolution, the Gilded Age, and the Roaring Twenties...