Fiesta Latin-American Music with Elbio Barilari

Saturdays at 7:00 pm
Fiesta! Latin-American Music with Elbio Barilari

Explore the diverse traditions of Latin American and Iberian music.

Fiesta is a weekly classical music program devoted to Latin American and Iberian music from the 16th to 21st century, and brings artistically and historically significant compositions and artists to its listeners. Acclaimed composer, musician, and professor Elbio Barilari is your guide on this adventure through a rich musical landscape. We invite you to enjoy and learn about the lively, compelling, and rarely-heard treasures of Latino classical music from around the world. Interviews with composers, conductors, and musicians enrich the music. Previous guests on Fiesta have included Eduardo Fernández, Carlos Kalmar, Piotr Nawrot, and José Serebrier.

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Latin American Christmas Carols

December 24, 2016

A selection of villancicos or Christmas carols from Spain and Latin America. We will present music that spans several centuries and a great diversity of influences and traditions.

An Imaginary Concert 3

December 17, 2016

Continuing with our series Imaginary Concerts: think that you are attending a symphonic concert in which instead of hearing one of the so-called the “standard concert repertoire”, the orchestra starts with a colorful Latino overture, continues with a fantastic Latino concerto and tops the evening with a full scale Latino symphony.

South American Road Trip

December 10, 2016

From Colombia to Argentina and from Chile to Brazil, Fiesta features music representing different traditions and landscapes.

Sketches of Spain Revisited, with guest Orbert Davis

December 3, 2016

In 1959 Miles Davis and Gil Evans put together a famous jazz version of the omnipresent Concierto de Aranjuez, by Joaquin Rodrigo. Now, multi-talented composer/conductor/arranger/trumpeter Orbert Davis revisits the historical piece with an album that has received much critical acclaim.

Latin American Guitar Music

November 26, 2016

Guitar music is one of the strongest points of Latin American and Spanish music.

Music and Time

November 19, 2016

Works about the nature of time from Latin American composers.

Latin American Colonial Music Treasures

November 12, 2016

Enjoy some of the many musical treasures found in the archives and cathedrals of Latin America. We will feature music from the 16th to 19th century that, in many cases, has not been heard for over two centuries.

Music of the Dominican Republic

October 29, 2016

The Dominican Republic enjoys a strong musical tradition, classical as well as popular.

Latin American Mix Tape 1

October 22, 2016

Fiesta presents a selection of the program’s favorite composers and works since the program started.

Mexican Composers: The Group of Four

October 15, 2016

As the Russian’s have their Group of Five and the French their Group of Six, Mexican music boasts the “Grupo de los Cuatro” or Group of Four.

Edino Kriger, Composer

October 8, 2016

Outside his native Brazil, Edino Krieger is mostly known for his substantial work for the piano. But he was also a very imaginative orchestrator.

Colonial Music in Latin America

September 24, 2016

Early music, the Baroque and Gallant styles were practiced in Latin America by European masters as well as composers born in Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. On this Fiesta we find more treasures of Colonial Music.

A Touch of Nature

September 10, 2016

Fiesta again explores how Latin American composers have interpreted nature in music. Forests, jungles, mountains, and coastlines all have their unique sound.

Fiesta Sessions

September 3, 2016

Guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque, the stellar KAIA String Quartet and virtuoso pianist Mauricio Nader have recorded exclusive sessions for Fiesta. Be the first to listen to this recordings made just for Fiesta.

New-New Music 5

August 27, 2016

Many 21st century composers have broken the boundaries imposed by the so called “experimental”, “contemporary”, or “new music” of the 20th century. This is what Fiesta’s host, Elbio Barilari, calls “New-New” music. Music that incorporates all the procedures and technical advances of 20th century music but it is not afraid of taking from the past and is willing to explore ...

Claudio Santoro: Brazilian Composer

August 6, 2016

Claudio Santoro, 1919-1989, is one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. Fiesta will feature a selection of his work, from songs and chamber music to full scale orchestra pieces.

3 Latino “Mozarts” Classical Music Lovers Should Know

July 30, 2016

There are three Latino composers who have often been compared to Mozart.

LP Treasures

July 23, 2016

Some of the greatest treasures of Latin American music have been never released on CD. Fiesta digs into its LP collection to bring you some unforgettable recordings.

Classical Tango 2

July 16, 2016

Since the 1920’s classical composers have found inspiration in the urban music from Rio de la Plata. Join us for a new visit to symphonic and chamber repertoire inspired on this fascinating genre.

Opera Singers from Latin America| 12 singers opera lovers need to know

July 9, 2016

Latin America has given birth to a brilliant generation of opera singers. On this episode of Fiesta we will feature these singers in a variety of works.

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