Island Hopping: A Musical Getaway to the Canary Islands and the Caribbean

October 2, 2021, 7:00 pm

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Host, Elbio Barilari takes you on a musical trip to the many islands in Latin America and Spain.  Featuring some of his favorite composers, we will visit the Canary Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Haiti.


Haitian Suite, by Frantz Casseus
Alberto Mesirca (guitar)

Impromptu Leyenda and Lamento, by Alejandro García Caturla
Duo Promúsica

Homenaje Héctor Campos Parsi, by Alberto Rodríguez Ortiz
Alberto Rodríguez Ortiz (guitar)

Homenaje a Degas, by Ernesto Cordero 
Alberto Rodríguez Ortiz (guitar)

Winy, by Rudolf Palm 

Atardí, by Jacobo Palm 

¿Para qué amar?, by Albert Palm

Padu, by Edgard Palm
Marcel Worms (piano)

Cantos canarios (Canary Islands Chants), by Teobaldo Power
Gran Orquesta Sinfónica, Ataúlfo Argenta (conductor)