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      WFMT Collectors' Corner with Henry Fogel

      Collectors' Corner with Henry Fogel

      Sundays at 8:00 pm

      Collectors' Corner host Henry Fogel

      Host Henry Fogel

      After the huge success of The Callas Legacy and The Art of Wilhelm Fürtwangler, Henry Fogel returned eight years ago with Collectors' Corner.

      Mr. Fogel had the following thoughts: "The series will present a wide range of recordings that I feel are true classics of the industry. Recordings to be included will feature either unusual repertoire that I feel deserves a wider public, or performances unique in their interpretive profile, sense of commitment, and intensity. Many of these recordings will be long out-of-print, or hard to locate in the United States."

      Program Schedule

      December 29

      The Furtwängler Sound

      In this first of six broadcasts of transfers from the website www.furtwanglersound.com, Henry features the great German conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler leading the Berlin and Vienna philharmonic orchestras in music by Beethoven, Weber, Richard Strauss, and Ravel.

      January 5

      The Furtwängler Sound

      Transfers from www.furtwanglersound.com tonight feature the Ninth Symphonies of Schubert and Bruckner with Wilhelm Furtwängler conducting the Berlin Philharmonic.

      January 12

      The Furtwängler Sound

      A Berlin Philharmonic concert from 1947: all Beethoven.

      January 19

      The Furtwängler Sound

      More transfers from www.furtwanglersound.com: music by Mozart, Gluck, Sibelius, and Richard Strauss with Wilhelm Furtwängler conducting the Berlin philharmonic.

      January 26

      The Furtwängler Sound

      Symphonies by Brahms and Bruckner from www.furtwanglersound.com