Extra Tones: Computing to Composing

August 22, 2016, 10:00 pm

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Extra Tones is a new podcast series featuring exclusive content that is not featured in our show, Relevant Tones. The podcast is produced by Relevant Tones reporter, Bea Aldrich. In this first episode, we explore how exactly composing software, such as Sibelius and Finale music notation software has changed the way in which composers compose music. This is inspired by a talk with Stacy Garrop, our guest from our recent episode Musical Mythology.

The podcast also features Fredrick Gifford, Philip Rothman, and Richard Emsley.

Link to Philip Rothman’s blog: The Sibelius Blog

To catch more of Fred Gifford, check out his new compositions performed live at the Green Mill in Chicago on October 30th from 3-5PM for Radio Voltaire: a celebration of the 100-year anniversary of DADA.