In the Field: Warsaw Autumn Part I

October 21, 2016, 10:00 pm

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Since its beginning in 1956 the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music, for many years the only festival of its kind in Eastern Europe, has presented new music by leading Polish composers and composers from around the world.  Today it is one of the most prestigious contemporary music festivals in the world and we are honored to have the chance to travel to Warsaw to bring the music from artists like Wojciech Blazejczyk, Krzysztof Wolek, and current Artistic Director of Warsaw Autumn, Tadeusz Wielecki, to you.


Gérard Grisey
4 Chants pour franchir le seuil

Tadeusz Wielecki
Tafle for Orchestra

Jerzy Kornowicz

Wojciech Blazejczyk

Paweł Łukaszewski
Prayer to the Guardian Angel

Marcin Bortnowski 

Anna Zaradny   
Olive Queen