Extra Tones: Music of Migration

April 5, 2017, 10:00 pm

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Extra Tones is a podcast that goes deeper into subjects covered on Relevant Tones.
In The Accordion, Seth explored composers who are writing new music for the accordion. Traditionally thought of as a European folk instrument, The Music of Migration tells the story of how accordion music has evolved as it’s traveled with immigrants to North America. Styles have blended and new genres have been born.

We’ll hear from Sean Colledge of Hey Chère!, a Cajun band that performs around Chicago, Mercedes Martinez of Son Monarcas, who uses music to communicate the Mexican immigrant experience, and an archival interview with author, actor, historian, and WFMT broadcaster Studs Terkel in a 1988 interview with Queen Ida, the first female accordion player to lead a Zydeco band.