Discovery Series

November 24, 2017, 10:00 pm

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A process-based exploration into several pieces chosen from a pool of more than five hundred submissions, the Discovery Series is led by composer/pianist Jeremy Gill and features an inside peak into the inner workings of the compositional process, and the process of putting the piece together for the musicians tasked with bringing it to life.


Recurrent Stages: Stage II, by Ryan Homsey
Adelya Nartadjieva, violin; Suliman Tekali violin; Andy Lin, viola; Julia Yang, cello

Deux Fois Miro, by Adina Dumitrescu
Mak Dover, clarinet; Andy Lin, viola; Martin Smith, piano

Tune My Heart, by Roger Briggs
Joenne Dumitrascu, violin; Anna Betka, piano

Soundtrack of an Open Road, by Ted King
Maria Hadge, cello