“Turandot”– Giacomo Puccini (Rebroadcast)

June 9, 2018, 12:00 pm

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12/2/17 4:25:16 PM -- Chicago, IL, USA Lyric Opera Presents Puccinii's Turandot Dress Rehearsal © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2017

Turandot, Puccini’s final opera and one of the biggest blockbusters in the repertoire, transports us to a fantasy of ancient China. The cold-hearted Princess Turandot is not your average royal. Desired by all men and wanting none, she builds a wall of riddles around her heart to keep love away. Challenging every red-blooded suitor to a game of wits, she asks them a series of riddles to win her love… or fail and die. Enter Calaf, who not only solves all three, he proposes his own and puts his life in the hands of the icy princess. The plot unfolds to music of extraordinary brilliance, including “Nessun dorma,” the most popular of all Italian tenor arias!

Conductor— Sir Andrew Davis; Director— Rob Kearly; Turandot — Amber Wagner; Calaf— Stefano La Colla; Liù — Maria Agresta; Timur— Andrea Silvestrelli; Ping — Zachary Nelson; Pang— Rodell Rosel; Pong— Keith Jameson.