Playing it Wrong

June 29, 2018, 10:00 pm

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Prepared Piano by Svenn Sivertssen
Prepared Piano by Svenn Sivertssen

It gives technicians fits, but composers and performers are always experimenting with new “wrong” ways to play their instrument. From Bartók pizzicato to prepared piano, multiphonics to slap tongue, many of these techniques have made it into the standard repertoire. What new extended techniques are being pioneered today?


Four Note Aria, by Stephen Scott
The Bowed Piano Ensemble

Black Angels, III, by George Crumb
Kronos Quartet

Britsum 2 Bow Chorale, by Frances-Marie Uitt
Frances-Marie Uitti, cello.

Sonorence, by Junghae Lee
Barbara Lieurance, piano; Chelsea Czuchra, flutes; Nora Krahl, cello.

Pression, by Helmut Lachenmann
Walter Grimmer, cello.

Sub(T)Rains O’ Strata’s Fears, by Eric Mandat
Robert Spring, clarinet

Dolmen Music, by Meredith Monk
Paul Langland, voice; Julius Eastman, voice and percussion; Robert Een, voice & cello; Monica Solem, voice; Andrea Goodman, voice; Meredith Monk, voice; Julius Eastman, voice

Calling, by Dai Fujikura
Rebekah Heller, bassoon