Just Intonation

July 20, 2018, 10:00 pm

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Tuning is the adjustment of the pitch of one or many tones from a musical instrument to create typical intervals between tones. There’s a variety of tuning methods- one of them is called just  (or pure) intonation; just intonation is a tuning that is based on a ratio that is naturally divided by small whole numbers, often in fifths. In Just Intonation, we’re leaving the world of equal-temperament behind and exploring various contemporary pieces written for instruments.


The Harp of New Albion- Premonition Rag, by Terry Riley
Terry Riley, piano

Just Ancient Loops, II, by Michael Harrison
Maya Beiser, vc.

The Harp of New Albion – Cadence on the Wind, by Terry Riley
Terry Riley, piano

Serenade for Guitar – Air, by Lou Harrison
David Tannenbaum, guitar

Dharma at Big Sur – A New Day, by John Adams
BBC Symphony Orchestra/John Adams, conductor; Tracy Silverman, violin

Trio, by Ben Johnson
Trio Amici

Fugitive Objects, by Kyle Gann
Kyle Gann, piano

Everything Must Go, II, by Martin Bresnick
Prism Saxophone Quartet