Still Goldberg after All These Years

December 7, 2018, 10:00 pm

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Bach’s Goldberg Variations is thought to be one of the most important examples of the compositional technique that repeats material in an altered form. Over the years composers have used this style to create modern versions.


Improvisation 1 & Variation 1, by Dan Tepfer
Dan Tepfer, piano

The Introitus Variation, by Uri Caine
Kettwiger Bach Ensemble; David Moss, conductor

Aria, from Goldberg Variations, by J.S. Bach
Jeremy Denk, piano

Ghost Variations, by Misha Zupko

Gilmore Variation, by Jennifer Higdon

Kontrophunktus, by Derek Bermel
Lara Downes, piano

Fantasia Chromatica, from Gold.berg.wek for Instruments and Electronics, by Karlheinz Essl
Christina Neubauer, violin; Martin Kraushofer, electronics

Improvisation on the Aria from, Bach’s Goldberg Variations, by Gabriela Montero
Gabriela Montero, piano

Variation 9 (Canon at the Third), by Uri Caine
Ralph Alesi, trumpet; Don Byron, clarinet; Uri Caine, piano; Reid Anderson, bass

Variation 10 (Fughetta), by Uri Caine
Kettwiger Bach Ensemble; David Moss, vocals

Chasing Goldberg, by Fred Lehrdahl

Variation Fugato, by Bright Sheng

Rube Goldberg Variation, by C. Curtis-Smith
Lara Downes, piano

The Dig It Variation, by Uri Caine
Uri Caine, piano; Dean Bowman, vocals