Fiesta CD Grab Bag

July 13, 2019, 7:00 pm

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Photo: Dean Hochman

We are having a ball trying to keep up with our ever-expanding musical collection as composers and performers around the world joyously overwhelm us with their creations. We’re consistently amazed by their level of talent and artistry, and are thrilled this week to share their music with our listeners.


Valsa-Choro No.2 and Suite No.2, by Adelaide Pereira da Silva
Luciana Soares, piano

Elégie-Mazurque, by Edmund Santonge
Marianne Parker, piano

Milagrosa, by Miguel Zenón
Miguel Zenón, alto sax; Spektral Quartet

Suite Nordestina, by Clarisse Leite
Luciana Soares, piano

Tango Sensations: Asleep, Loving, Despair, by Astor Piazzolla
Howard Levy, diatonic harmonica; The Rembrandt Chamber Players

Quatre Danses- No. 1, by Ludovic Lamothe
Marianne Parker, piano