Get Into the Halloween Swing With This Jazzy, Vocalese Tune by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross

By Louise Frank |

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During the swinging, elegant, and expansive late-1950s, a lanky, brilliant, and gentle Bostonian named Dave Lambert connected with Jon Hendricks, an inventive wordsmith with a smoky voice and endless ability to improvise scat singing. In the instrumental jazz of Count Basie, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and others, they heard the possibility of lyrics — and so they wrote them. Together with Annie Ross, with her far-reaching, nimble vocal range, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross redefined the very idea of what a singing group could be. 

From the 1961 album High Flying, enjoy Halloween Spooks,” Dave Lambert’s whimsical, bebop-infused tune delivered with the characteristic vocalese and giddily blended harmonies of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross.