Arias and Songs hits 350 broadcasts on WFMT

By Larry Johnson |

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arias and songs 350 broadcastThis year’s holiday program coincidentally happens to be program number 350 of Arias and Songs. I could not help but reflect on the more than seven years that this program has been on WFMT. I well remember the first few months of programs. Lots of opera and song as expected but I also felt that the Broadway theater should be heard as well as some of our finest pop music artists. I wanted to offer Maria Callas and Ella Fitzgerald as well as Luciano Pavarotti and Nat King Cole. La Traviata and The Producers. And why not? I did sometimes wonder at the time if there was an audience. I resisted the temptation to whisper into the microphone, “Is anybody out there listening?” I eventually found out that somebody was and I thank all of you most sincerely.