Boulez & Honeck

June 14, 2020, 8:00 pm

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Pierre Boulez

Music of Mahler, Bartók, Bates, and waltzes from the Strauss family.


Mahler: Totenfeier
Pierre Boulez, conductor

Bartók: The Miraculous Mandarin
Pierre Boulez, conductor; Chicago Symphony Chorus; Duain Wolfe, director

Bates: Resurrexit
Manfred Honeck, conductor

Johann Strauss, Jr: Overture to The Gypsy Baron

Josef Strauss: The Dragonfly Polka, Op. 204

Johann Strauss, Jr: Furioso Polka, Op. 260

Johann Strauss, Jr: Voices of Spring Waltz, Op. 410

Johann Strauss, Jr: On the Hunt Polka, Op. 373

Johann Strauss, Jr: In Krapfen’s Woods Polka, Op. 336

Johann Strauss, Jr: Thunder and Lightning Polka, Op. 324

Josef Strauss: Fireproof! Polka, Op. 269