From Italy, Muti looks to reopen US classical music scene

By Associated Press |

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Photo: Todd Rosenberg

Riccardo Muti leads the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Photo: Todd Rosenberg)

RAVENNA, Italy (AP) — Riccardo Muti has sent a resounding message that live classical music has returned the Italian stage after the coronavirus lockdown. He conducted the inaugural concert of the summer festival in his adopted home of Ravenna. The town plans a full festival program in outdoor venues and with distanced musicians. The renowned 78-year-old conductor said the coronavirus has “destroyed music” and deprived the world of “spiritual food.” He hopes the U.S. can follow Europe in reopening “with caution and with care” and also attract an increasing Black audience to classical music. Muti has been conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra since 2010.