The Midnight Special, June 13, 2020


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Lead Belly: The Midnight Special

Last Sessions

Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71


Joe Crookston: Bird by Bird

Able Baker Charlie & Dog

Milagrito 78


Gordon Bok: A Little Road and a Stone to Roll

Return to the Land

Folk-Legacy 118


Joan Baez w/ Jeffrey Shurtleff: One Day at a Time

Vanguard 79310-2


Jaspar Lepak: When the New Day Comes

Close to Me

self 191061-665168


John McCutcheon: When All of This Is Over

Cabin Fever – Songs from the Quarantine

Appalsongs no#


Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards: From the Ashes


Compass 7475-2


Ellis Delaney: The Finest Adventure

Ordinary Love

Singing Crow 89577-78202


Jack Williams: Young at Heart

Don’t Let Go

Wind River4039


David Piper: Hold It Like a Baby


Trough 1326


Brooks Williams: My Turn Now

Work My Claim

Red Guitar Blue Music 2020


Tim Readman: Going on Zoom

by Tom Paxton) private recording


John McCutcheon: Six Feet Away

Cabin Fever – Songs from the Quarantine

Appalsongs no#


Audra McDonald: Facebook Song

Sing Happy

Decca 0028495-02


Heather Styka: Twenty Dollar Bill

Folkstage – June 6, 2020

WFMT recording


Heather Pierson: Beside the Firelight

private recording


Paula Cole: Undertow (One Life Lost)


675 label 88295-91910


Zoe Boekbinder w/ Ani DiFranco: Just Another Link in the Chain

Long Time Gone – The Prison Music Project

Righteous Babe 094


Saro Lynch-Thomason & Sam Gleaves: No More, No More

I Have Known Women

Strictly Country Records 83


Lily Tomlin: Mr. Veedle

This Is a Recording 1114


David Bromberg Band: Just Because You Didn’t Answer

Big Road

Red House 315


Steve Goodman: Answering Machine Tape

Santa Ana Winds

Omnivore 344


John Doyle: Her Long Hair Flowing Down

The Path of Stones

Compass 74739-2


Tom Paxton: When You Shook Your Long Hair Down

New Songs for Old Friends

Morello 44


John Hartford: The Girl with the Long Brown Hair

Country Legends – John Hartford

Buddha 74465-99837-2


Four Bitchin’ Babes (Christine Lavin, Sally Fingerette, Julie Gold, Megon McDonough): Bald Headed Men

Buy Me Bring Me Take Me Don’t Mess My Hair…

Philo 1150


The King and I (orig.B’way cast-Yul Brenner): A Puzzlement

The King and I

Decca 012157982-2


Pharis and Jason Romero w/ John Reischman, mando: Kind Girl

Bet on Love

Lula 2006


Amy Speace: Kindness

Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne

Windbone 00219


Guy Davis: We All Need More Kindness in This World


Red House 175


Aaron Smith and the Coal Biters: Kindness

The Way the World Turns

self 88295-31755


Claudia Schmidt: Be Nice


Pragmavision 43157-37775


Nell (Robinson) & Jim (Nunally) Band: Handsome Medley – Handsome Cabin Boy / Handsome Molly

Western Sun

Whippoorwill 0590


Laura Smith: My Bonny

B’tween the Earth and My Soul

Cornermuse 50235-2 (March 18, 1952 – March 7, 2020)


Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir, Ed Trickett: Fear a Bhata (The Boatman)

The First Fifteen Years, Volume II

Folk-Legacy 1004


Jenny Reynolds: The Way We Say Goodbye

Any Kind of Angel

self 00261-48218


Louisa Branscomb: Ain’t No Good Goodbye

Gonna Love Anyway

Compass 74738-2


Ellis Paul: How You Say Goodbye

The Storyteller’s Suitcase

Rosella 881131-009656


Steel Rail (Tod Gorr, Ellen Shizgal, Dave Clark): If By Midnight

Coming Home

Crossties 1006


Hot Pickin’ 57s: Midnight on the Highway

Hot Picks

self 88295-94116


Garnet Rogers: Night Drive

All That Is

Red House 160


The Wailin’ Jennys: Bright Morning Stars

Red House 234


Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I’m Gone (close)

Spoken in Love

Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parentheses