The Midnight Special, August 8, 2020


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  1. Michael Smith: "Coffeehouse Days"; Michael Smith; MPS 1 CD

  2. Joni Mitchell: "Free Man in Paris"; Joni Mitchell; CD / Asylum LP 1974 253 002

  3. Shemekia Copeland: "Uncivil War"; Shemekia Copeland

  4. Jay Ungar, arr. Buddy Greene: "Ashokan Farewell"; Buddy Greene w/Stuart Duncan on fiddle; Rufus RMCD 195317

  5. The Bills, formerly The Bill Hilly Band: "Francis"; The Bills (formerly The Bill Hilly Band); Borealis BOREALIS BCD 145

  6. arr. The Kennedys - Pete & Maura: "Coo Coo" [aka The Cuckoo]; The Kennedys; Philo 11671-1211-2

  7. Paula Poundstone: "Cuckoo's Nest"; Paula Poundstone; Poundstone 00261 25990

  8. Bernice Lewis: "Dead Egyptian Blues"; Bernice Lewis; Local Folkel CD 6686

  9. Michael Smith: "Famous in France"; Michael Smith; Folkstage Folkstage 1-25-03

  10. Traditional: "The Fox"; Nickel Creek; Sugar Hill CD 3909

  11. Laura Cortese: "Where the Fox Hides"; Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards; Compass 7 4752 2

  12. The Chicks: "Truth No. 2"; The Chicks [formerly The Dixie Chicks]; Columbia Legacy 88697 61981

  13. Jon Gailmor: "Out on a Limb"; Jon Gailmor; Softwood SWD 1995-CD

  14. Michael Smith & Bob Gibson: Bells of St. Michael's; Michael Smith & Bob Gibson; WFMT 1982

  15. Michael Smith: Making Up Songs; Michael Smith; Michael Smith/Jamie O'Reilly 2018-1

  16. Cole Porter: "Begin the Beguine"; The Bills (formerly The Bill Hilly Band); Borealis BOREALIS BCD 145

  17. Michael Smith: Categories came later...; Studs Terkel & Michael Smith; WFMT Studs Terkel Archives 7.13.1993

  18. Jamie O'Reilly: "I Wish Someone Would Take Me Dancing"; Jamie O'Reilly; Jamie O'Reilly JOCD 2019

  19. Michael Smith: "Wonderful World of Sex"; Steve Goodman; Omnivore Recordings OVCD-369

  20. Michael Smith: "Last Days of Pompeii"; Michael Smith; Flying Fish FFCD 70404

  21. Irene Kelley & Darrell Scott: "Constant State of Grace"; Irene Kelley; IRK Records 1002CD

  22. Tre' Burt: "Moth's Crossing"; Tre' Burt; Oh Boy OBR 052

  23. Wendy Wall: "Healing Hands"; Wendy Wall; Wildbird CD001

  24. Dan Pelletier: "The Last Undecided Floridian"; Dan Pelletier;Hudson Valley demo 2000

  25. Leonard Bernstein: "West Side Story"; "America"; Original Broadway cast; Sony 88725416952

  26. Ruth Ungar: "East Side West Side"; The Mammals; Humble Abode Music HAM 18

  27. Tom Waits & Kathleen Brennan: "Chicago"; Vicki Kristina Barcelona (Rachelle Garniez, Amandi Homi, Terry Radigan); Storysound 161-035

  28. Ken Nordine, Tom Waits & Jerry Garcia: "Thousand Bing Bangs"; Ken Nordine & Tom Waits w/David Grisman & Jerry Garcia

  29. Grateful Dead Records GDCD40152; (Geoff Bartley): "Natural Law"; Geoff Bartley; Waterbug WBG CD 0046

  30. Michael Smith: The Dutchman talk and song Studs Terkel & Michael Smith; WFMT Studs Terkel Archives 8.15.88

  31. Geoff Bartley: "Fullerton Street Strut"; Geoff Bartley; Waterbug WBG-0052

  32. Kate Campbell: "See Rock City"; Kate Campbell; Compass 7 4238 2

  33. Michael Smith: "Crazy Mary"; Bonnie Koloc; Bonnie Koloc 001 1 Of 2

  34. Don White: "Meet Betty Mae"; Don White 0000

  35. Lucinda Williams: "When The Way Gets Dark"; Thirty Tigers H2006
  36. Pete Seeger: "Well May the World Go"; Larry Long and Pete Seeger; Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40114

  37. Paul Cooper, arr. Jonathan Edwards: "This Island Earth"; Jonathan Edwards; Rising Records 10101

  38. Anais Mitchell: "Why We Build the Wall"; Hadestown: Original Cast feat. Patrick Page; Warner 0190295768072

  39. James Lee Stanley: "Three Monkeys"; James Lee Stanley; Beachwood BR2425 2-CD

  40. Amy Ray & Emily Saliers: "When We Were Writers"; Indigo Girls; Rounder 1166100867

  41. arr: Georgia Sea Island Singers: "O Death"; Georgia Sea Island Singers, feat. Emma Lee Ramsey; Rounder 1959-60/1998 re-issue

  42. Caroline Aiken: "Butler Field"; Caroline Aiken; Silverwolf SWCD 1007

  43. Steve Goodman: Intro to "Spoon River"; Ed Holstein; Folkstage 4.16.2015

  44. Steve Goodman: "Spoon River"; Steve Goodman; Asylum LP 1975 / CD 1998 RPJ 010CD

  45. Michael Smith: "One Blessed Hour"; Michael Smith; Flying Fish FFCD 70404

  46. Muriel Anderson: "Two Shores"; Muriel Anderson; Muriel Anderson CDG 2000