The Midnight Special, May 15, 2021

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  1. Larkin, Patty: “Deadlines and Dollar Signs”; Patty Larkin; High Street HS 72902 10312-2
  2. McCallion, Nancy and Mackender, Gary: “Cash for Gold” (Nancy McCallion & Gary Mackender); The Mollys; Apokalips APN 9801 CD
  3. Buist, Sav; Larson, Katie; Sharp, Maia: “Might As Well Be Gold” (Sav Buist, Katie Larson, Maia Sharp); The Accidentals; 1-952-69-07859-1
  4. Gillian Welch: “One More Dollar”; Gillian Welch; Revival | Acony ALM SD 80006
  5. Talley, James: “Do-Re-Mi”; James Talley; Cimarron CIM1009
  6. Hendrix, Terri: “Two Dollar Shoes”; Terri Hendrix; Shark Thang 0101
  7. Lane, Nathan; Simmons, JK; Bobbie, Walter; et al.: “The Oldest Established”; Nathan Lane, JK Simmons, Walter Bobbie, et al.; RCA 09026 61317 2
  8. Chandler, Chris; Travis, Merle; Rockstroh, Phil; Trad.; Harburg, E. Y.: “Credit History: 16-Tons, Hangman, Man Taking Names, Brother Can You Spare a Dime?” (Chris Chandler, Merle Travis, Phil Rockstroh, Trad., E. Y. Harburg); Chris Chandler & Anne Feeney; WFMT 2-05-05 1-2
  9. Wiles, Lula: “Oh My God”; Lula Wiles: Eleanor Buckland, Mali Obomsawin, Isa Burke; Smithsonian Folkways (single)
  10. Lehrer, Tom: “Selling Out”; Tom Lehrer; Rhino R2 79831 3
  11. Hartford, John: “Your Tax Dollars at Work”; John Hartford; small dog a’barkin’ [1994]
  12. Van Dyke, Leroy; Black, Buddy: “The Auctioneer” (Leroy Van Dyke & Buddy Black); Steve Goodman; Omnivore [2021]
  13. Carr, Joe; Munde, Alan: “Fifty Dollars”; Joe Carr & Alan Munde; Flying Fish FF7064
  14. Van Zandt, Townes: “Dollar Bill Blues” (Townes Van Zandt); Chris Stuart & Backcountry; Backcountry Music BCK-839
  15. Olney, David: “$20 Serenade”; David Olney; Deadbeet Records DBR104
  16. Johnston, Arthur; Burke, Johnny: “Pennies from Heaven” (Arthur Johnston and Johnny Burke); Mandy Patinkin; CBS MK 44943
  17. Jonas Friddle: “The Midnight Special – fretless banjo”; Jonas Friddle; Midnight Special Collection JFriddle | MS008
  18. Abernethy, Rod: “It’s Always Something”; Rod Abernethy; Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore | 85218 00669
  19. West, Camille: “The Audit”; Camille West; Mother Tongue MTCD103
  20. Gordon, Irving; adapted Zelin, Steven: “Tax Deductible” (Irving Gordon; adapted Steven Zelin); Steven Zelin; Zelin Records S20
  21. Phillips, Utah: “The Rich Will Not Permit You to Vote Away Their Wealth”; Utah Phillips; Free Dirt Records DIRT-CD-0063
  22. Phillips, Utah: “Rock Salt and Nails” (Bruce “Utah” Phillips); Buddy & Julie Miller; Hightone HCD 8135
  23. Phillips, Utah; Difranco, Ani: “Holding On”; Utah Phillips and Ani Difranco; Righteous Babe RBR009-D
  24. Phillips, Utah: “I Remember Loving You”; Utah Phillips; Philo CD PH 1210
  25. Picott, Rod; Cleaves, Slaid: “Take Home Pay” (Rod Picott & Slaid Cleaves); Rod Picott; Welding Rod 1 + 2
  26. McGhee, Brownie; Terry, Sonny: “If You Lose Your Money”; Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry; Smithsonian Folkways SF 40011
  27. Herula, Donna: “Movin’ Back Home; Donna Herula; DH003
  28. Cook, Peter: “The Great Train Robbery” (Peter Cook); Beyond the Fringe: Peter Cook, Alan Bennet; EMI 7243 8 54045 2 8 (8540482)
  29. Detor, Krista: “Steal Me a Car”; Krista Detor; CoraZong Records [2004]
  30. Wells, Junior: “Ways Like An Angel”; Junior Wells; Delmark Records DD-905
  31. Burns, Jimmy: “Back to the Delta”; Jimmy Burns; Delmark Records DD-770
  32. Merle Travis: “Midnight Special” Travis picked guitar; Merle Travis; Travis Pickin’ | CMH 6255
  33. Eberhardt, Cliff: “I Love Money”; Cliff Eberhardt; Red House Records RHR CD 221
  34. Broadway Revival Cast: “Money”; Broadway Revival Cast; RCA Victor 09026 63173 2
  35. Breckman, Andy: “Dollar Bill Song”; Andy Breckman; Gadfly 121089
  36. Morrissey, Bill: “Different Currency”; Bill Morrissey; Philo CD PH 1194
  37. David Davis & the Warrior River Boys: “For a Few Dollars More”; David Davis & the Warrior River Boys; Rebel Records Reb-CD-1807
  38. Rice, Les: “The Banks are Made of Marble” (Les Rice); Runa (Sharon Lambert-Ryan, Fionan de Barra, Cheryl Prashker, Dave Curley, Maggie Estes White); Runa CD104
  39. Dylan, Bob: “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”; The Staples Singers; Fantasy 9423
  40. Espiritu, Aireene: “Boom and Bust”; Aireene Espiritu; self-released B00NZBLDHK
  41. Matthews, Crys: “Exactly Where You Are”; Crys Matthews; 700261 485904
  42. Lavin, Christine: “Life Happens Fast On West 20th Street”; Christine Lavin; self [2021]
  43. Harrell, Michael Reno: “The Nickel”; Michael Reno Harrell; Dancing Bear UPC783707766324
  44. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; She Loved Red | Laura Love 88295 68276