Rameau’s Hippolytus and Aricia

Opéra Comique | September 4, 2021, 12:00 pm

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(Photo by: Stefan Brion)

So great and pure is the love between Hippolytus (Reinoud Van Mechelen) and Aricia (Elsa Benoit) that the goddess Diane (Eugénie Lefebvre) will do everything in her power to protect them. But of course this won’t be easy, as Aricia is the last survivor of the mortal enemies of Hippolytus’s father, Theseus (Stéphane Degout), the King of Athens. And when Theseus heads to the underworld, everything changes. Join us for Jean-Philippe Rameau’s touching lyrical tragedy, Hippolytus and Aricia, from the Opera Comique, Paris