Black Music Spotlight (Week 3)

February 18, 2022, 8:30 am

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Eleanor Alberga

WFMT host LaRob K. Rafael curates and presents music by Black composers; this week’s selections are by Jessie Montgomery, Julia Perry, Nathalie Joachim, Eleanor Alberga, and Dorothy Rudd Moore.

Shared at 8:30 am each weekday in February.

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Monday, February 14

Jessie Montgomery: Coincident Dances
Chicago Sinfonietta: Mei-Ann Chen, conductor

Tuesday, February 15

Julia Perry: Short Piece for Orchestra
Tokyo Imperial Philharmonic: William Strickland, conductor

Wednesday, February 16

Nathalie Joachim: Fanm d’Ayiti
Nathalie Joachim, voice; Spektral Quartet

Nathalie Joachim: Stacked

Thursday, February 17

Eleanor Alberga: If the Silver Bird Could Speak
William Chapman Nyaho, piano

Friday, February 18

Dorothy Rudd Moore: Finale of Act 3, Scene 3 of Frederick Douglass
Meridian Chorale & Orchestra: Steven Darsey, conductor