Chicago Chorale [Rebroadcast]

April 11, 2022, 8:00 pm

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This is a rebroadcast from February 3, 2003.


Sicutt Cervus, Palestrina

Jesu Redemptor, Critóbal de Morales

Turn Our Captivity O’Lord, William Bird

From the Four Psalms, Op. 74, by Edvard Grieg
How Fair is Thy Face
From Heaven Above
William Bennett, baritone soloist

Requiem, Herbert Howells
O’ Savior of the World
Psalm 23
Tambra Black, soloist
Heather Hurnholds, soloist
Steven Baker soloist

Requiem, Herbert Howells
From recording
Jordon Samuels, soloist
William Bennett, soloist

Scapulis suis, by Robert Kreutz

All Night Vigil, by Rachmaninoff
Serine light

All Night Vigil, Kostovski
Lord let us thou they service
A. Harry, soloist
Nicholas Hartley, soloist

Wonderous Love, arr. Alice Parker

Hark I hear the harps eternal, arr. Alice Parker
Rebecca Prescott, soloist