Playlist: Classical Workout Music

By Adela Skowronski |

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Ready to hit the gym, but need an extra boost of motivation to get you out the door? Try our WFMT classical gym playlist!

This mix of hardcore orchestral tunes will help you feel like a warrior getting ready for battle… or at least, give your workout a boost. Get your heart pumping with some Holst. Practice pushups with some Prokofiev. Take down those deadlifts with Tan Dun. Boost your biking with Beethoven. No matter what your workout goals are, we’ve hand-selected beautiful pieces that also function as maximum impact gym music.

The playlist starts with Prokofiev’s “Dance of the Knights” before diving into some more contemporary gym gems. Discover bustling new orchestral works interspersed between contemporary movie magic and epic romantic pieces. Who knew that a saxophone solo could make your heart race faster during a run? And let’s be honest… who doesn’t feel energized when listening to the Avengers theme?

Send this playlist to anyone who needs an extra spark of inspiration at the gym. One thing is for sure: our WFMT gym mix is sure to give you new insight into the true power of classical music... and yourself!