Playlist: Music for All Souls Day

By Adela Skowronski |

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All Souls DayAll Souls Day (November 2) is a day of prayer and remembrance for departed loved ones, observed in many branches of Christianity, including Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, and Lutheranism. Though a distinct holiday, the All Souls Day is not totally dissimilar from the Mexican celebration of Día de Los Muertos, and is observed most frequently within Eastern European communities. Though beliefs and practices for the holiday vary, some of the most common traditions worldwide include the attending of services for the dead, the baking of special breads, and the decorating of cemeteries with candles and flowers.

Music also plays an important role in the celebration of All Souls Day. There are a number of special hymns and psalms that are traditionally sung during the day’s masses and services. Uniting the music are themes of contemplation, love, grief, and forgiveness.

Enjoy our playlist of classical and sacred music in honor of the holiday… and all those whom you wish to commemorate.

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