C.P.E. Bach: Sonatas for Keyboard & Violin – Rachel Podger, Kristian Bezuidenhout

May 3, 2023, 9:00 am

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The Baroque dream team of violinist Rachel Podger and keyboardist Kristian Bezuidenhout interpret the music of C.P.E. Bach’s Violin Sonatas in C minor, B minor, D major, and G minor, filled, as Podger says, with “surprises and unpredictable turns.” The two early sonatas, from the 1730s, resemble the older style of the composer’s father. The later sonatas, written 30 to 50 years later, reveal an emancipated composer whose developed musical language embodies the “Empfindsamer Stil” – the directly emotional and rhetorical style characteristic of north German music of the time.