Seasons: Étienne Gara, Delirium Musicum

May 19, 2023, 9:00 am

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Delirium Musicum is an award winning self-conducted chamber orchestra dedicated to providing impassioned and engaging musical performances. Led by Music and Artistic Director Étienne Gara, Delirium Musicum represents the artistic excellence and leadership of the young generation of musicians in Los Angeles. On “Seasons,” they perform works of Max Richter and Philip Glass. Gara says, “In a world where climate change is at the very center of our attention, these eight deliciously disordered seasons unfold according to an utterly peculiar sense of time. They cast an artistic blur over our perception of things we have always seen as given and immutable: the seasons with their familiar weather patterns, our perception of time and space, and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.”