Ravel: L’Heure espagnole, Bolero – Les Siècles, François-Xavier Roth

June 21, 2023, 9:00 am

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Since 2003, François-Xavier Roth and Les Siècles have made a distinctive mark presenting an orchestra for the 21st century. Les Siècles is one of the only orchestras which plays each piece of the repertoire on the appropriate period instruments. Its flexible and historically informed work delivers a unique strand of creative programming. Continuing their exploration of Maurice Ravel’s output, Roth and Les Siècles offer us two works linked by his love of Spain. Alongside the famous Bolero, which regains its original flavor here on period instruments, is Ravel’s first opera, L’Heure espagnole. Though its outstanding cast consists entirely of native French speakers, this “Hour” remains quintessentially Spanish!