Black Oak Ensemble: Silenced Voices

October 2, 2023, 8:00 pm

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Black Oak Ensemble
Black Oak Ensemble (Photo: Ayaka Sano)

Black Oak Ensemble, a string trio boasting three of Chicago’s most enterprising and dynamic chamber musicians, is collaborating with JCC Chicago and Ravinia to perform on Violins of Hope—a collection of violins, violas, and cellos that belonged to Jewish musicians before and during the Holocaust, painstakingly restored for cultural exhibitions, performances, and community education with a message of hope, resistance, resilience, and unity.


Dick Kattenburg: Trio à cordes
Sándor Kuti: Serenade for String Trio
Gideon Klein: String Trio
Paul Hermann: Strijktrio
Hans Krása: Tánec
Géza Frid: Trio à cordes