De Hartmann: Cello Concerto – Matt Haimovitz, MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, Dennis Russell Davies

October 2, 2023, 9:00 am

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Cellist Matt Haimovitz, the MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra and its chief conductor Dennis Russell Davies present the first commercial recording of Ukrainian composer Thomas de Hartmann’s Cello Concerto. De Hartmann was an important compositional voice in his own time, connected to the greatest musicians and artists of his era, but disappeared after his death in 1956. This release is part of the greater Thomas de Hartmann Project, aimed to reintroduce his colorful and compelling music. The cello concerto was composed in 1935, inspired by the anxiety of the 1930s, linking the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany to de Hartmann’s own recollections of local Jewish folk musicians. While not being Jewish himself, de Hartmann felt a strong connection to Jewish traditions, and the piece is deeply influenced by Jewish musical folklore, as well Eastern- European folk traditions.