Baroque Treasures of Ukraine

May 1, 2024, 10:00 pm

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A fresco corwned and haloed archangels and angels standing on a cloud. A Baroque-Byzantine church with gold domes is in the background
St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, with fresco, Kyiv

Seventeenth-century Ukraine was witness to the start of a cultural revolution, with the Ukrainian Eastern Orthodox Church playing an important role. Ensemble Ældmusic brings us religious anthems by Dyletsky, Slavynetskyi, Tuptalo, as well as anonymous works from Ukraine’s rich folk tradition.

Tonight’s program was recorded before a studio audience in Radio Latvia, Riga. Thanks to WFMT’s association with the European Broadcasting Union, we’re able to bring you this program as a stream for thirty days following the broadcast. The appearance of a blue “Listen” button indicates the stream is accessible.


Mykola Dyletsky (1630-1681)
Heavenly King; Let the trumpets sound

Through the wide field

Mykola Dyletsky
Come, to give the last kiss

The body of Christ; Water flows through the valley

Symeon Slavynetskyi (1609-1675)
Gladly rejoice

Mykola Dyletsky
The Sweetest Virgin Mary

Dmyro Tuptalo (1651-1709)
I have my Jesus

Mykola Dyletsky (1630-1681)
Grace of the World; To the Mother of God; Archangel Michael; Greatly have I sinned


Mykola Dyletsky
All born of this Earth

Ensemble Ældmusic; Serhiy Zadorozhny, tenor & conductor
Nataliia Behma, soprano; Oksana Nikitiuk, alto; Ansis Bētiņš, bass; Gertruda Jerjomenko, harpsichord