Lucien Quartet & Trio Callisto

May 25, 2024, 11:00 am

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We hear one group each from Midwest Young Artists Conservatory and the Music Institute of Chicago Academy in music of Shostakovich, Mendelssohn, Haydn, Brahms, and Babadjanian.

Some musicians in today’s show have been on Introductions before:

  • Kay Ito and Jocelyn Gao previously appeared as members of the Aurum Quartet in November 2023.
  • Lily Sullivan previously appeared with the Goya Piano Trio in October 2023 and is set to give a live violin recital of her own on November 2, 2024.
  • Amelia Zitoun most recently gave a live cello recital in October 2023, and previously appeared with chamber groups.
  • Noah Kim gave piano recitals on Introductions in December 2023 and in March 2021, and has also appeared with chamber groups.


Dmitri Shostakovich: String Quartet No. 3 in F, Op. 73:
III. Allegro non troppo (4’01”)

Felix Mendelssohn: String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 13:
I. Adagio – Allegro vivace (7’39”)

Franz Joseph Haydn: String Quartet in D, Op. 76, No. 5:
II. Largo (6’32”)

Lucien Quartet: Landon Kim & Vishal Subramanian, violins; Kay Ito, viola; Jocelyn Gao, cello
Formed through Midwest Young Artists Conservatory.

Johannes Brahms: Piano Trio No. 2 in C, Op. 87:
I. Allegro (9’49”)

Arno Babadjanian: Piano Trio in F-sharp Minor:
III. Allegro (6’28”)

Trio Callisto: Lily Sullivan, violin; Amelia Zitoun, cello; Noah Kim, piano
Coached by Rodolfo Vieira and Marta Aznavoorian through the Music Institute of Chicago Academy.